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Advances in Robot Kinematics: Mechanisms and Motion


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Wire-based tracking using mutual information

J. Andrade-Cetto; F. Thomas

Palabras clave: Mutual Information; Parallel Manipulator; Parallel Robot; Tracking Device; Base Orientation.

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 3-14

The control number as index for Stewart Gough platforms

G. Nawratil

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Anchor Point; Translatory Velocity; Side Condition; Robotic Research.

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 15-22

Determining the 3×3 rotation matrices that satisfy three linear equations in the direction cosines

C. Innocenti; D. Paganelli

Palabras clave: Rotation Matrix; Real Solution; Direction Cosine; ASME Journal; Rotation Matrice.

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 23-32

A polar decomposition based displacement metric for a finite region of SE(n)

P. M. Larochelle

Palabras clave: Singular Value Decomposition; Polar Decomposition; ASME Journal; Spatial Displacement; Rigid Body Displacement.

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 33-40

On the regularity of the inverse Jacobian of parallel robots

J.-P. Merlet; P. Donelan

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 41-48

Parallel robots that change their group of motion

P. Fanghella; C. Galletti; E. Giannotti

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 49-56

Approximating planar, morphing curves with rigid-body linkages

A. P. Murray; B. M. Korte; J. P. Schmiedeler

Palabras clave: Shape Change; Compliant Mechanism; Revolute Joint; Rigid Link; Piecewise Linear Curve.

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 57-64

On the velocity analysis of non-parallel closed chain mechanisms

M. Zoppi; D. Zlatanov; R. Molfino

Palabras clave: Parallel Mechanism; Kinematic Chain; Velocity Analysis; Velocity Equation; Joint Screw.

- Methods in Kinematics | Pp. 65-72

Kinematics of micro planar parallel robot comprising large joint clearances

H. Bamberger; M. Shoham; A. Wolf

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Effective Length; Revolute Joint; Link Length; Parallel Robot.

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 75-84

Stiffness mapping of planar compliant parallel mechanisms in a serial arrangement

H. K. Jung; C. D. Crane; R. G. Roberts

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 85-94

Large kinematic error propagation in revolute manipulators

Y. Wang; G. S. Chirikjian

Palabras clave: Spatial Uncertainty; Convolution Theorem; Error Density; Kinematic Error; Euclidean Group.

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 95-102

A framework for the analysis, synthesis and optimization of parallel kinematic machines

A. Pott; M. Hiller

Palabras clave: Technological Requirement; Constraint Satisfaction Problem; Interval Analysis; Pivot Point; Global Optimization Problem.

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 103-112

Searching for undiscovered planar straight-line linkages

Z. Luo; J. S. Dai

Palabras clave: Design Variable; Dual Quaternion; Coupler Curve; Bivariate Polynomial; Precision Point.

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 113-122

Type synthesis of three-DOF up-equivalent parallel manipulators using a virtual-chain approach

X. Kong; C. M. Gosselin

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Kinematic Chain; Type Synthesis; Planar Chain; Screw Theory.

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 123-132

The multiple virtual end-effectors approach for human-robot interaction

A. De Santis; P. Pierro; B. Siciliano

Palabras clave: Mobile Robot; Secondary Task; Obstacle Avoidance; Robot Manipulator; Inverse Kinematic.

- Properties of Mechanisms | Pp. 133-144

Balance and control of human inspired jumping robot

J. Babič; D. Omrčen; J. Lenarčič

Palabras clave: Control Algorithm; Joint Angle; Horizontal Position; Humanoid Robot; Vertical Jump.

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 147-156

A convex optimization algorithm for stabilizing whole-body motions of humanoid robots

J. Park; F. C. Park

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 157-166

Parallel mechanisms for knee orthoses with selective recovery action

R. Di Gregorio; V. Parenti-Castelli

Palabras clave: Parallel Mechanism; Kinematic Chain; Knee Motion; Human Knee; Healthy Knee.

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 167-176

Modeling time invariance in human arm motion coordination

S. Ambike; J. P. Schmiedeler

Palabras clave: Internal Model; Speed Ratio; Hand Path; Zero Position; Modeling Time Invariance.

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 177-184

Assessment of finger joint angles and calibration of instrumental glove

M. Veber; T. Bajd; M. Munih

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 185-192

All singularities of the 9-DOF DLR medical robot setup for minimally invasive applications

R. Konietschke; G. Hirzinger; Y. Yan

Palabras clave: Joint Angle; Kinematic Chain; Kinematic Structure; Robot Design; Redundant Robot.

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 193-200

On the inverse kinematics of a fragment of protein backbone

G. Liu; R. J. Milgram; A. Dhanik; J. C. Latombe

Palabras clave: Planar Graph; Inverse Kinematic; Protein Backbone; Adjacency Relation; Cusp Point.

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 201-208

Predicting reaching postures using a kinematically constrained shoulder model

V. De Sapio; J. Warren; O. Khatib

Palabras clave: Joint Torque; Glenohumeral Joint; Joint Moment; Shoulder Girdle; Gravity Vector.

- Humanoids and Biomedicine | Pp. 209-218

Self motions of special 3-RPR planar parallel robot

D. Chablat; P. Wenger; I. A. Bonev

Palabras clave: Mobile Platform; Parallel Robot; Prismatic Joint; Robot Kinematics; Planar Parallel Manipulator.

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 221-228

Graphical singularity analysis of 3-DOF planar parallel manipulators

A. Degani; A. Wolf

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Revolute Joint; Prismatic Joint; Actuate Joint; Singular Configuration.

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 229-238

Direct singularity closeness indexes for the hexa parallel robot

C. Bier; A. Campos; J. Hesselbach

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Parallel Robot; Direct Singularity; Grassmann Variety; Closeness Measure.

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 239-246

Stewart-Gough platforms with simple singularity surface

A. Karger

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 247-254

A robust model for 3D tracking in object-oriented multibody systems based on singularity-free Frenet framing

A. Kecskeméthy; M. Tändl

Palabras clave: Multibody System; Pythagorean Hodograph; Frenet Frame; Target Frame; Transmission Behavior.

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 255-264

Singularity of a class of Gough-Stewart platforms with three concurrent joints

P. Ben-Horin; M. Shoham

Palabras clave: Singularity Condition; Parallel Manipulator; Parallel Robot; Versus Versus Versus Versus Versus; Machine Theory.

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 265-274

Singularity analysis of a 4-DOF parallel manipulator using geometric algebra

T. K. Tanev

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Clifford Algebra; Geometric Algebra; Outer Product; Geometric Product.

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 275-284

A geometrical interpretation of 3-3 mechanism singularities

R. Daniel; R. Dunlop

- Analysis of Mechanisms | Pp. 285-294

Quantitative dexterous workspace comparisons

J. A. Carretero; G. T. Pond

Palabras clave: Jacobian Matrix; Parallel Manipulator; Jacobian Matrice; Jacobian Formulation; Reachable Workspace.

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 297-306

Level-set method for workspace analysis of serial manipulators

E. Ottaviano; M. Husty; M. Ceccarelli

Palabras clave: Double Point; Inverse Kinematics; Serial Manipulator; Kinematic Property; Algebraic Degree.

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 307-314

Determination of the wrench-closure workspace of 6-DOF parallel cable-driven mechanisms

M. Gouttefarde; J.-P. Merlet; D. Daney

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 315-322

Fully-isotropic hexapods

G. Gogu

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; ASME Journal; Parallel Robot; Robotic Research; Structural Synthesis.

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 323-330

A new calibration stategy for a class of parallel mechanisms

P. Last; J. Hesselbach

Palabras clave: Parallel Mechanism; Kinematic Model; Kinematic Chain; Parallel Robot; Real Robot.

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 331-338

The dynamic optimization of PKM

M. Krefft; J. Hesselbach

Palabras clave: Jacobian Matrix; Dynamic Optimization; Parallel Robot; Process Force; Hydraulic Drive.

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 339-348

On non-assembly in the optimal synthesis of serial manipulators performing prescribed tasks

J. A. Snyman

Palabras clave: Objective Function; Serial Manipulator; Link Length; Heuristic Procedure; Optimal Synthesis.

- Workspace and Performance | Pp. 349-356

Complexity analysis for the conceptual design of robotic architecture

W. A. Khan; S. Caro; D. Pasini; J. Angeles

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 359-368

Robust three-dimensional non-contacting angular motion sensor

D. V. Lee; S. A. Velinsky

Palabras clave: Direction Cosine; Continuously Variable Transmission; Inertial Reference Frame; Angular Velocity Vector; Vehicle Guidance.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 369-376

Synthesis of spherical four-bar mechanisms using spherical kinematic mapping

K. Brunnthaler; H.-P. Schrëocker; M. Husty

Palabras clave: Image Space; Design Constraint; Revolute Joint; Synthesis Problem; Univariate Polynomial.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 377-384

Synthesis of 2-DOF spherical fully parallel mechanisms

R. Vertechy; V. Parenti-Castelli

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Parallel Mechanism; Spherical Joint; Joint Center; Robot Kinematics.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 385-394

Constraint synthesis for planar n-R robots

G. S. Soh; J. M. McCarthy

Palabras clave: Inverse Kinematic; Revolute Joint; Design Equation; Task Position; Circuit Defect.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 395-402

Calculating force distributions for redundantly actuated tendon-based Stewart platforms

T. Bruckmann; A. Pott; M. Hiller

Palabras clave: Parallel Manipulator; Structure Matrix; Force Distribution; Interval Analysis; Parallel Kinematic Machine.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 403-412

A study of minimal sensor topologies for space robots

P. Boning; S. Dubowsky

Palabras clave: Thruster Force; Sensor Placement; Space Robot; Reaction Wheel; Canonical Element.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 413-422

Kinematics and optimization of the translating 3-CCR/3-RCC parallel mechanisms

M. Callegari; M.-C. Palpacelli

Palabras clave: Parallel Mechanism; Mobile Platform; Revolute Joint; Parallel Robot; Stewart Platform.

- Design of Mechanisms | Pp. 423-432

Pseudo-planar motion generators

C.-C. Lee; J. M. Hervé

Palabras clave: Motion Generator; Planar Translation; Finite Singularity; Screw Axis; Kinematic Pair.

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 435-444

On PKM with articulated travelling-plate and large tilting angles

S. Krut; F. Pierrot; O. Company

Palabras clave: Parallel Mechanism; Kinematic Chain; Revolute Joint; Linear Motor; Prismatic Joint.

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 445-454

Mobility and connectivity in multiloop linkages

C. R. Diez-Martínez; J. M. Rico; J. J. Cervantes-Sánchez; J. Gallardo

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 455-464

Jacobian inverse kinematics algorithms with variable steplength for mobile manipulators

K. Tchoń; J. Jakubiak

Palabras clave: Inverse Kinematic; Joint Position; Mobile Manipulator; Nonholonomic Constraint; Newton Algorithm.

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 465-472

Kinematics and grasping using conformal geometric algebra

J. Zamora-Esquivel; E. Bayro-Corrochano

Palabras clave: Stereographic Projection; Geometric Algebra; Kinematic Equation; Home Position; Conformal Geometry.

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 473-480

Application of kinematics tools in the study of internal mobility of protein molecules

R. Subramanian; K. Kazerounian

Palabras clave: Protein Molecule; Protein Data Bank; Main Chain; Kinematic Chain; Disulphide Bond.

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 481-488

Motion pattern singularity in lower mobility parallel manipulators

O. Altuzarra; C. Pinto; V. Petuya; A. Hernandez

Palabras clave: Motion Pattern; Parallel Manipulator; Kinematic Chain; Constraint Singularity; Revolute Joint.

- Motion Synthesis and Mobility | Pp. 489-496


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