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Acta Oecologica is venue for the publication of original research articles in ecology. We encourage studies in all areas of ecology, including ecosystem ecology, community ecology, population ecology, conservation ecology and evolutionary ecology. There is no bias with respect to taxon, biome or geographic area. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome, but combinations are particularly sought. Priority is given to papers based on explicitly stated hypotheses. Acta Oecologica also accepts review papers.

The forum section is reserved for short papers with critical discussion of current issues in ecology, as well as comments and viewpoints on previously published papers. Acta Oecologica does not publish book reviews, but comments on new books are welcome in the forum section.
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Domestication and defence: Foliar tannins and C/N ratios in cassava and a close wild relative

Laurence Mondolot; Amandine Marlas; Damien Barbeau; Annick Gargadennec; Benoît Pujol; Doyle McKey

Palabras clave: Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics; Nature and Landscape Conservation.

Pp. 147-154

Exotic species as modifiers of ecosystem processes: Litter decomposition in native and invaded secondary forests of NW Argentina

Roxana Aragón; Lia Montti; María Marta Ayup; Romina Fernández

Palabras clave: Nature and Landscape Conservation; Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics.

Pp. 21-28

Soil macrofauna diversity as a key element for building sustainable agriculture in Argentine Pampas

Anahí Domínguez; Juan J. JiménezORCID; Carolina E. Ortíz; José C. Bedano

Pp. 102-116

Changes of paradigms in agriculture soil microbiology and new challenges in microbial ecology

Luis Gabriel Wall; Luciano Andrés Gabbarini; Alejandro Eugenio Ferrari; Juan Pablo Frene; Julieta Covelli; Dalila Reyna; Natalia Belén Robledo

Palabras clave: Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics; Nature and Landscape Conservation.

Pp. 68-73