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Zoology is a journal devoted to experimental and comparative animal science. It presents a common forum for all scientists who take an explicitly organism oriented and integrative approach to the study of animal form, function, development and evolution.
The journal invites papers that take a comparative or experimental approach to behavior and neurobiology, functional morphology, evolution and development, ecological physiology, and cell biology.
The editors and the editorial board are committed to presenting science at its best. The editorial team is remaining flexible enough to adjust editorial practice to the ever changing field of animal biology. Recognizing the increasing importance of rapid, effective, international communication, Zoology will offer the highest scientific standards a short review time online publication in advance of the printed journal color plates free of charge (at the editor's discretion) papers abstracted/indexed by all the major scientific indexing services a parallel online version of each issue online supplementary material including videos a pdf file or 25 free reprints for your personal use. Zoology invites suggestions for special issues. Interested parties may contact one of the editors.
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