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Plant and Soil

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Plant and Soil publishes original papers and review articles exploring the interface of plant biology and soil sciences, and offering a clear mechanistic component. This includes both fundamental and applied aspects of mineral nutrition, plant-water relations, symbiotic and pathogenic plant-microbe interactions, root anatomy and morphology, soil biology, ecology, agrochemistry and agrophysics. Articles discussing a major molecular or mathematical component also fall within the scope of the journal. All contributions appear in the English language.
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Integrated field assessment of nitrogen release dynamics and crop recovery of band-applied controlled-release fertilisers

Cristina MartinezORCID; Daniel Clarke; Yash P. DangORCID; Chelsea JankeORCID; Michael J. BellORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 257-273

Salinity and inundation effects on Iris pseudacorus: implications for tidal wetland invasion with sea level rise

Brenda J. GrewellORCID; Blanca Gallego-TévarORCID; Morgane B. GillardORCID; Caryn J. Futrell; Rebecca Reicholf; Jesús M. CastilloORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 275-291

Nitrogen uptake by ornamental bromeliad: leaf and root efficiency

Letícia D. L. GomesORCID; Maurício L. FerreiraORCID; Shoey KanashiroORCID; Armando R. TavaresORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 293-302

Strontium as a tracer for calcium: uptake, transport and partitioning within tomato plants

Petar Jovanović; Shimon Rachmilevitch; Noam Roitman; Ran ErelORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 303-316

Clear-cutting impacts nutrient, carbon and water exchange parameters in woody plants in an east Fennoscandian pine forest

Vladislava B. PridachaORCID; Tatiana A. Sazonova; Elena V. NovichonokORCID; Denis E. Semin; Yulia N. Tkachenko; Alexey N. PekkoevORCID; Vera V. Timofeeva; Olga N. BakhmetORCID; Alexander V. OlchevORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 317-336

Cross tolerance to phosphorus deficiency and drought stress in mungbean is regulated by improved antioxidant capacity, biological N2-fixation, and differential transcript accumulation

Surendra Kumar Meena; Renu PandeyORCID; Sandeep SharmaORCID; Gayacharan; Krishnapriya Vengavasi; Harsh Kumar Dikshit; Kadambot H. M. Siddique; Madan Pal Singh

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 337-356

Isolation and characterisation of endophytic actinobacteria and their effect on the growth and nodulation of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

Q. A. Tuan Vo; Ross A. Ballard; Stephen J. Barnett; Christopher M. M. FrancoORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 357-371

Early chemical changes during wood decomposition are controlled by fungal communities inhabiting stems at treefall in a tropical dry forest

François MaillardORCID; Erin Andrews; Molly Moran; Dan V. Du; Peter G. Kennedy; Jennifer S. Powers; Skip J. Van Bloem; Jonathan S. Schilling

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 373-389

Soil and plant health in relation to dynamic sustainment of Eh and pH homeostasis: A review

Olivier HussonORCID; Jean-Pierre SarthouORCID; Lydia BoussetORCID; Alain RatnadassORCID; Hans-Peter SchmidtORCID; John Kempf; Benoit Husson; Sophie TingryORCID; Jean-Noël AubertotORCID; Jean-Philippe DeguineORCID; François-Régis GoebelORCID; Jay Ram LamichhaneORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 391-447

Variability and inheritance in macadamia progenies to Phytophthora cinnamomi and P. multivora the causal agents of root rot and stem canker

Olumide S. Jeff-Ego; Andre Drenth; Bruce Topp; Juliane Henderson; Olufemi A. AkinsanmiORCID

Palabras clave: Plant Science; Soil Science.

Pp. 449-465