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Spectrochimica Acta. Part A-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

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Spectrochimica Acta, Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (SAA) is a well-established platform for scientific exchange among molecular spectroscopists. The journal aims to publish papers dealing with novel experimental and/or theoretical aspects of molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy. The focus is on fundamental papers that advance the understanding of molecular and biomolecular structure, function, dynamics and interaction with the help of molecular spectroscopy. This includes innovations on the technical side of molecular spectroscopy and on new theoretical approaches for the quantitative calculation and modeling of spectra, as well as highly innovative biomedical spectroscopic techniques with possible applications. From the broad range of spectroscopies, the emphasis is on electronic, vibrational or rotational spectra of molecules, rather than on spectroscopy based on the coupling of electron or nuclear magnetic moments.

The journal particularly welcomes manuscripts dealing with:
• Fundamental aspects of bioanalytical, biomedical, environmental, and atmospheric measurements
• Novel experimental techniques of molecular spectroscopy (such as surface spectroscopy, non-linear optics, hole-burning spectroscopy, single-molecule studies with new insights, spectroscopy beyond diffraction limit, etc.)
• Novel theoretical aspects (such as ab-initio theory, modelling of vibrational spectra, etc.)
• Novel applications in chemistry and photochemistry (such as reaction mechanisms, characterization of intermediates, and ultrafast dynamics, etc.)
• Methodic advances in chemometric studies based on electronic or vibrational spectroscopy

Criteria for publication in SAA are topicality, novelty, uniqueness, and outstanding quality. Manuscripts describing routine use or minor extensions or modifications of established and/or published methodologies (e.g. standard absorption, emission or scattering measurements; standard chemometry; FRET) are not appropriate for the journal. In addition, manuscripts describing analytical procedures that use established spectroscopic techniques, such as the quantitative determination of pharmaceutical compounds with optical techniques or the characterization of compounds with optical techniques in the course of a chemical or biochemical synthesis, will not be accepted for publication, even if they appear new or improved with respect to procedures previously used.


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