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Applied Catalysis. A-General

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Applied Catalysis A: General publishes novel papers on all aspects of catalysis of basic and practical interest to chemical scientists in both industrial and academic fields.

The scope of Applied Catalysis A: General includes the following:Scientific understanding of any catalytic phenomenon. Phenomena of relevance to current industrial processes, processes under industrial development or of interest for future commercial applications are particularly welcome. Heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis are included. Research investigating catalytic actions of heterogeneous, homogeneous, biological and natural systems are especially encouraged. Scientific aspects of preparation, activation, aging, deactivation, rejuvenation, regeneration and start up transient effects of commercially interesting or representative model catalysts. Scientific methods of characterization of catalysts, especially if they are applicable to industrial catalysts. Chemical engineering aspects relevant to an improved understanding of catalytic phenomena or application to catalysis. Results involving a joint approach by chemical engineering and catalytic science are particularly welcome. New catalysts, catalytic reactions, catalytic routes and processes of potential practical interest. Catalysis and catalytic processes for sustainable practices, including sustainable energy supply and consumption processes, and sustainable chemicals production.The journal accepts original Research Papers, Reviews, invited Perspective articles and Letters to the Editor.


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