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Synthetic Metals

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This journal is an international medium for the rapid publication of original research papers, short communications and subject reviews dealing with research on and applications of electronic polymers and electronic molecular materials including novel carbon architectures. These functional materials have the properties of metals, semiconductors or magnets and are distinguishable from elemental and alloy/binary metals, semiconductors and magnets.

Materials considered to be within the purview of this journal include:
• low-dimensional conductors and superconductors such as organic charge-transfer compounds and metal chain compounds
• conducting and semiconducting polymers and molecular materials
• fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and related novel carbon architectures
• supramolecular conjugated architectures
• nanoscale electronic molecular and electronic polymer materials
• molecule- and polymer-based magnets.

Experimental, theoretical and application papers on the chemistry, physics and engineering of these materials are encouraged for submission. Original manuscripts on their chemical, electrochemical, electrical, photonic and magnetic properties will be considered for publication. Papers on electronic, electroluminescent, lasing, solar cell, anticorrosion, sensor, actuator, biological and other potential device applications of these materials are encouraged.


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