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Journal of Applied Physics

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Journal of Applied Physics is an influential international journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of applied physics research. Topics covered in Journal of Applied Physics are diverse, reflecting the most current applied physics research, and include areas of particular emerging interest. Content is published online daily and collected into weekly online and printed issues (48 issues per year).
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Applied Biophysics; Dielectrics and Ferroelectricity; Device Physics; Electronic Structure and Tr

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No detectada desde ene. 1937 / hasta dic. 2023 AIP Publishing


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American Institute of Physics (AIP)

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Estados Unidos

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Radiation Enhanced Diffusion in Solids

G. J. Dienes; A. C. Damask

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 1713-1721

Preparation, heat capacity, magnetic properties, and the magnetocaloric effect of EuO

Kyunghan Ahn; A. O. Pecharsky; K. A. Gschneidner; V. K. Pecharsky

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 063901

The role of copper in ZnO/Cu/ZnO thin films for flexible electronics

K. Sivaramakrishnan; N. D. Theodore; J. F. Moulder; T. L. Alford

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 063510

Inverse spin-Hall effect induced by spin pumping in metallic system

K. Ando; S. Takahashi; J. Ieda; Y. Kajiwara; H. Nakayama; T. Yoshino; K. Harii; Y. Fujikawa; M. Matsuo; S. Maekawa; E. Saitoh

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 103913

Heat capacity and thermal expansion of gadolinium tetraboride at low temperatures

V. V. Novikov; N. V. Mitroshenkov; A. V. Morozov; A. V. Matovnikov; D. V. Avdashchenko

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 063907

Role of structural factors in formation of chiral magnetic soliton lattice in Cr1/3NbS2

L. M. Volkova; D. V. Marinin

Pp. 133901

Synthesis of graphene by cobalt-catalyzed decomposition of methane in plasma-enhanced CVD: Optimization of experimental parameters with Taguchi method

H.-A. MehediORCID; B. Baudrillart; D. Alloyeau; O. Mouhoub; C. Ricolleau; V. D. Pham; C. Chacon; A. Gicquel; J. Lagoute; S. Farhat

<jats:p>This article describes the significant roles of process parameters in the deposition of graphene films via cobalt-catalyzed decomposition of methane diluted in hydrogen using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). The influence of growth temperature (700–850 °C), molar concentration of methane (2%–20%), growth time (30–90 s), and microwave power (300–400 W) on graphene thickness and defect density is investigated using Taguchi method which enables reaching the optimal parameter settings by performing reduced number of experiments. Growth temperature is found to be the most influential parameter in minimizing the number of graphene layers, whereas microwave power has the second largest effect on crystalline quality and minor role on thickness of graphene films. The structural properties of PECVD graphene obtained with optimized synthesis conditions are investigated with Raman spectroscopy and corroborated with atomic-scale characterization performed by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy, which reveals formation of continuous film consisting of 2–7 high quality graphene layers.</jats:p>

Pp. No disponible

Modeling of electron tunneling through a tilted potential barrier

Noora Tuomisto; Asier Zugarramurdi; Martti J. PuskaORCID

Pp. 134304

In situ oxidation studies of Cu thin films: Growth kinetics and oxide phase evolution

Yeliz UnutulmazsoyORCID; Claudia CancellieriORCID; Mirco Chiodi; Sebastian Siol; Luchan Lin; Lars P. H. JeurgensORCID

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 065101

Analytic model of electron transport through and over non-linear barriers

Kevin L. JensenORCID; Andrew Shabaev; Sam G. Lambrakos; Daniel FinkenstadtORCID; Nathan A. Moody; Amanda J. Neukirch; Sergei Tretiak; Donald A. Shiffler; John J. Petillo

Palabras clave: General Physics and Astronomy.

Pp. 235301