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Titanium Powder Metallurgy: Science, Technology and Applications

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Titanium Powder Metallurgy contains the most comprehensive and authoritative information for, and understanding of, all key issues of titanium powder metallurgy (Ti PM). It summarizes the past, reviews the present and discusses the future of the science and technology of Ti PM while providing the world titanium community with a unique and comprehensive book covering all important aspects of titanium powder metallurgy, including powder production, powder processing, green shape formation, consolidation, property evaluation, current industrial applications and future developments. It documents the fundamental understanding and technological developments achieved since 1937 and demonstrates why powder metallurgy now offers a cost-effective approach to the near net or net shape fabrication of titanium, titanium alloys and titanium metal matrix composites for a wide variety of industrial applications.

  • Provides a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of the science, technology and industrial practice of titanium powder metallurgy
  • Each chapter is delivered by the most knowledgeable expert on the topic, half from industry and half from academia, including several pioneers in the field, representing our current knowledge base of Ti PM.
  • Includes a critical review of the current key fundamental and technical issues of Ti PM.
  • Fills a critical knowledge gap in powder metal science and engineering and in the manufacture of titanium metal and alloys
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