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Shock Waves in Condensed Matter 1983

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Shock Waves in Condensed Matter – 1983 covers the proceedings of the American Physical Society Topical Conference, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 18-21, 1983. The book focuses on the response of matter to dynamic high pressure and temperature.

The selection first elaborates on the review of theoretical calculations of phase transitions and comparisons with experimental results; theoretical and experimental studies of shock-compressed benzene and polybutene; and theory of the iron equation of state and melting curve to very high pressures. The text then ponders on nonhydrostatic effects in stress-wave induced phase transformation of calcite; Bauschinger effect model suitable for use in large computer codes; and strain rate sensitivity prediction for porous bed compaction.

The manuscript takes a look at flaw nucleation and energetics of dynamic fragmentation, shock loading behavior of fused quartz, and aluminum damage simulation in high-velocity impact. Shock wave diagnostics by time-resolved infrared radiometry and non-linear Raman spectroscopy; Raman scattering temperature measurement behind a shock wave; and experiments and simulation on laser-driven shock wave evolution in aluminum targets are also discussed.

The selection is a dependable reference for scientists and readers interested in the response of matter when exposed to dynamic high pressure and temperature.


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