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Economic Aspects: Fisheries and Culture

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The Biology of Crustacea, Volume 10: Economic Aspects: Fisheries and Culture focuses on economic aspects of elements of crustacean biology associated primarily with the production of human food, namely, fisheries and culture.
Organized into five chapters, this book deals first with the groups comprising the commercially important shrimps and prawns and their near relatives, as well as the generally used fishing method. It then describes the role and impact of body form in the biology and especially the fisheries of crabs. Subsequent chapter centers on lobsters and their kin, particularly the impact on fisheries methods and management approaches of behavioral responses to environment, modes of reproduction, recruitment, and population dynamics. Culture methods and factors important in managing systems through water quality control are then reported. Lastly, large-scale culture of major decapod groups, including the general biological characteristics of decapods relevant to aquaculture, is presented.
This book will help stimulate the further exploration of some of the most fascinating and exciting problems in applied crustacean biology.


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