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Dye Laser Principles: With Applications

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A tutorial introduction to the field of dye lasers, Dye Laser Principles also serves as an up-to-date overview for those using dye lasers as research and industrial tools. A number of the issues discussed in this book are pertinent not only to dye lasers but also to lasers in general. Most of the chapters in the book contain problem sets that expand on the material covered in the chapter.

Key Features
* Dye lasers are among the most versatile and successful laser sources currently available in use Offering both pulsed and continuous-wave operation and tunable from the near ultraviolet to the near infrared, these lasers are used in such diverse areas as:
* industrial applications
* medical applications
* military applications
* large-scale laser isotope separation
* fundamental physics
* spectroscopic techniques
* laser radar


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