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¡Cocinando!: Fifty Years of Latin Album Cover Art

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Latin music is being docu- Foreword mented for its visual as well as sociological contribution to our music and culture. Pablo covers a lot of ground in IZZY SANABRIA this book both before and after my heyday, as well as the work of Brazilian artists. Just as the great works of One evening about a year ago I received a phone call art reflect social, religious, and political views at diff- from a young graphic designer and DJ named Pablo ent periods of history, these covers reflect fifty years of Yglesias, who told me he was working on a history of Latin cultural history through the lens of our music. The Latin music album covers and that I was to be a big covers created in New York during the 1960s and part of the book. I was flattered, but I’d heard it all 1970s, for example, helped define Nuyorican culture before. I thought to myself, “Just another well-meaning before it came to the attention of television, film, and fan with big ideas. ” But Pablo was so enthusiastic and print media. This book should not only be pleasing to persistent that I agreed to meet him in person.


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