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Physical Review B-Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

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Physical Review B is the largest and most comprehensive international journal specializing in condensed matter and materials physics, publishing important papers on a wide range of topics. We have an impact factor of 3.664 (2013) and are ranked number one in total citations in condensed matter physics.* The editors of PRB are primarily full-time staff at the Ridge, New York office on Long Island, who are dedicated to managing a fair and thorough review process. Others, including active researchers and former Ridge staff, work remotely from points around the globe. We have high standards for the quality of papers we publish and for the referees that help us. Our Rapid Communications section contains four-page papers of the highest caliber that are considered by the editors to be of sufficient importance to warrant the special and priority handling afforded to papers submitted there. We are the pre-eminent source for detailed comprehensive regular articles that are the mainstay of scientific communication.


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No detectada desde jul. 1998 / hasta dic. 2015 Physical Review Journals (APS)


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American Physical Society (APS)

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