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Semiconductor Optics

Claus Klingshirn;


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No detectada 2007 SpringerLink

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Palabras clave: Photonic Crystal; Nonlinear Optical Property; Springer Series; Energy Transfer Process; Linear Optical Property.

Pp. 1-10

Maxwell’s Equations, Photons and the Density of States

Palabras clave: Dispersion Relation; Plane Wave; Harmonic Oscillator; Electromagnetic Radiation; Harmonic Wave.

Pp. 11-35

Interaction of Light with Matter

Palabras clave: Wave Vector; Wave Front; Spontaneous Emission; Oblique Incidence; Crystallographic Axis.

Pp. 37-72

Ensemble of Uncoupled Oscillators

Palabras clave: Oscillator Strength; Dielectric Function; Single Resonance; Complex Index; Linear Optic.

Pp. 73-91

The Concept of Polaritons

Palabras clave: Dispersion Relation; Wave Vector; Oscillator Strength; Dielectric Function; Spatial Dispersion.

Pp. 93-124

Kramers-Kronig Relations

Palabras clave: Imaginary Part; Response Function; Spatial Dispersion; Elementary Excitation; Monochromatic Wave.

Pp. 125-129

Crystals, Lattices, Lattice Vibrations and Phonons

Palabras clave: Dispersion Relation; Brillouin Zone; Optical Phonon; Lattice Vibration; Reciprocal Lattice.

Pp. 131-161

Electrons in a Periodic Crystal

Palabras clave: Valence Band; Brillouin Zone; Quantum Wire; Band Structure Calculation; Multiple Quantum Well.

Pp. 163-242

Excitons, Biexcitons and Trions

Palabras clave: Valence Band; Oscillator Strength; Exciton State; Envelope Function; Principal Quantum Number.

Pp. 243-264

Plasmons, Magnons and some Further Elementary Excitations

Palabras clave: Dielectric Function; Optical Phonon; Magnetization Cloud; Plasmon Mode; Collective Excitation.

Pp. 265-273

Optical Properties of Phonons

Palabras clave: Brillouin Zone; Optical Phonon; Phonon Mode; Acoustic Phonon; Bulk Semiconductor.

Pp. 275-289

Optical Properties of Plasmons, Plasmon-Phonon Mixed States and of Magnons

Palabras clave: Surface Plasmon Polariton; Plasmon Frequency; Incident Light Beam; Surface Polariton; Surface Plasmon Mode.

Pp. 291-297

Optical Properties of Intrinsic Excitons in Bulk Semiconductors

Palabras clave: Oscillator Strength; Organic Semiconductor; Spatial Dispersion; Exciton State; Free Exciton.

Pp. 299-349

Optical Properties of Bound and Localized Excitons and of Defect States

Palabras clave: Free Exciton; Amorphous Semiconductor; Deep Center; Acceptor Pair; Neutral Donor.

Pp. 351-369

Optical Properties of Excitons in Structures of Reduced Dimensionality

Palabras clave: Luminescence Spectrum; Quantum Well; Quantum Wire; Valence Band Edge; Exciton Resonance.

Pp. 371-410

Excitons Under the Influence of External Fields

Palabras clave: External Field; Oscillator Strength; Landau Level; Quantum Wire; Zeeman Splitting.

Pp. 411-438

From Cavity Polaritons to Photonic Crystals

Palabras clave: Dispersion Relation; Photonic Crystal; Wave Guide; Photonic Structure; Exciton Resonance.

Pp. 439-460

Review of the Linear Optical Properties

Palabras clave: Dielectric Function; Spatial Dispersion; Semiconductor Physics; Schematic Overview; High Doping Level.

Pp. 461-465

High Excitation Effects and Nonlinear Optics

Palabras clave: Nonlinear Optic; High Excitation; Dipole Matrix Element; Dipole Operator; Exciton Resonance.

Pp. 467-482

The Intermediate Density Regime

Palabras clave: Bose Einstein Condensa; Einstein Condensation; Exciton Binding Energy; Exciton Resonance; Excitation Spot.

Pp. 483-528

The Electron-Hole Plasma

Palabras clave: Gain Spectrum; Bulk Semiconductor; Quasi Fermi Level; Hole Plasma; Exciton Resonance.

Pp. 529-562

Stimulated Emission and Laser Processes

Palabras clave: Laser Diode; Semiconductor Laser; Laser Process; Laser Emission; Quantum Cascade Laser.

Pp. 563-580

Time Resolved Spectroscopy

Palabras clave: Phase Relaxation; Rabi Oscillation; Quantum Beat; Bloch Oscillation; Time Resolve Spectroscopy.

Pp. 581-654

Optical Bistability, Optical Computing, Spintronics and Quantum Computing

Palabras clave: Ring Resonator; Optical Bistability; Incident Intensity; Coexistence Region; Dispersive Nonlinearity.

Pp. 655-684

Experimental Methods

Palabras clave: Probe Beam; Streak Camera; Quantum Structure; Excited Species; Dephasing Time.

Pp. 685-733

Group Theory in Semiconductor Optics

K. Hümmer; C. Klingshirn

Palabras clave: Irreducible Representation; Conjugacy Class; Point Group; Proper Subgroup; Mirror Plane.

Pp. 735-769

Semiconductor Bloch Equations

R. v. Baltz

Palabras clave: Rabi Frequency; Bloch Equation; Rotate Wave Approximation; Bloch Vector; Coherent Process.

Pp. 771-791


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