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ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering

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Applications and Health – implantable tissues and devices, prosthesis, health risks, toxicology. Bio-interactions and Bio-compatibility – material-biology interactions, chemical/morphological/structural communication, mechanobiology, signaling and biological responses, immuno-engineering, calcification, coatings, corrosion and degradation of biomaterials and devices, biophysical regulation of cell functions. Characterization, Synthesis, and Modification – new biomaterials, bioinspired and biomimetic approaches to biomaterials, exploiting structural hierarchy and architectural control, combinatorial strategies for biomaterials discovery, genetic biomaterials design, synthetic biology, new composite systems, bionics, polymer synthesis. Controlled Release and Delivery Systems – biomaterial-based drug and gene delivery, bio-responsive delivery of regulatory molecules, pharmaceutical engineering. Healthcare Advances – clinical translation, regulatory issues, patient safety, emerging trends. Imaging and Diagnostics – imaging agents and probes, theranostics, biosensors, monitoring. Manufacturing and Technology – 3D printing, inks, organ-on-a-chip, bioreactor/perfusion systems, microdevices, BioMEMS, optics and electronics interfaces with biomaterials, systems integration. Modeling and Informatics Tools – scaling methods to guide biomaterial design, predictive algorithms for structure-function, biomechanics, integrating bioinformatics with biomaterials discovery, metabolomics in the context of biomaterials. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine – basic and applied studies, cell therapies, scaffolds, vascularization, bioartificial organs, transplantation and functionality, cellular agriculture.
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American Chemical Society (ACS)

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Ionic Liquid-Enabled Topical Delivery of Immunomodulators

Zongmin ZhaoORCID; Eden E. L. Tanner; Jayoung Kim; Kelly Ibsen; Yongsheng GaoORCID; Samir MitragotriORCID

Palabras clave: Biomedical Engineering; Biomaterials.

Pp. 2783-2790

Advances in Cancer Vaccine Research

Nian Liu; Xiangyu Xiao; Ziqiang Zhang; Chun MaoORCID; Mimi WanORCID; Jian ShenORCID

Palabras clave: Biomedical Engineering; Biomaterials.

Pp. 5999-6023