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Advances in Sustainable Polymeric Materials

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myrcene; sodium hydride; anionic polymerization; cellulose carbamate; NaOH/ZnO aqueous solution; freezing–thawing method; dissolution interaction; bioplastic; bio-based plastic; biodegradable plastic; bioeconomy; life cycle assessment; sustainability; polymer nanocomposites; TiO2 nanoparticle; organic–inorganic interfaces; surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles; 2,5-thiophenedicarboxylic acid; thermal properties; barrier properties; mechanical properties; 2D-ordered structure; structure-property relationship; PGA; PLA; PCL; blends; valorization; water hyacinths; sugarcane bagasse; rice straw; biodegradation; bio–based epoxy resin; vanillyl alcohol; aliphatic amines; curing system; thermomechanical properties; recycled plastics; plastomers; asphalt; bitumen; recycling; epoxidized linseed oil; lignin; composites; anti-corrosion coating; poly(lactic acid) (PLA); polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs); review; properties; plasticizers; polymer blends; fillers; degradation; 3D printing; ultrasound; sago pith waste; sago starch; extraction yield; starch-based bioplastic; used palm oil; water hyacinth fiber; sound-absorbing material; polyurethane foam; nanofiller; bioplastic fabrication; plasticizer; mechanism; rare earth ions; cetylpyridinium bromide; polyvinylchloride; sorption; desorption; essential oils; extraction techniques; microencapsulation; controlled release; microcapsules; pharmacology; fly ash; end of life tire rubber; rubber-PET-HDPE-wood composites; wood waste; electrochemical sensor; glucose sensor; PANI-MnBaO2; conducting polymer composite; cyclic voltammetry; linear sweep voltammetry; advanced oxidation; dyes; organic pollutants; pharmaceutical compounds; photocatalysts; 5-amino salicylic acid; smart delivery system; sustainable polymers; triggered drug delivery; ulcerative colitis; flax yarn; bio-based thermoplastics; bio-based matrix material; yarn coating; extrusion; natural fibre; composite; solid-state shear pulverization; cryogenic milling; polylactic acid; foams; processing; semicrystalline polymers; compression molding; n/a

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