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Sustainable Energy Research

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Sustainable Energy Research (formerly Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar) provides a multidisciplinary and international forum for research in the basic science, technologies, industrial R&D, products and system implementation that accelerate the transition to sustainable energy on a local and global scale. Sustainable Energy Research welcomes contributions on all sources of energy that support a sustainable approach to energy transformation, including renewable energy, energy efficient systems, and innovative and green systems that contribute to reducing energy poverty and the use of polluting and inefficient energy systems.
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Solar energy; Wind energy; Wave energy; Geothermal energy; Hydroelectricity; Energy harvesting devices; Hydrogen energy; Low carbon energy generation; Biofuels; Batteries and energy storage; Supercapacitors; Electrocatalysis and photocatalysis; Carbon capture and utilization; Energy systems, processes, planning and policy; Energy grids and networks; Energy economics


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