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Progress in Earth and Planetary Science

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Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, a peer-reviewed open access e-journal, was launched by the Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) in 2013 in partnership with Springer. This international journal is devoted to original articles and reviews in the research fields of space and planetary sciences, atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences, human geosciences, solid earth sciences, and biogeosciences. The journal serves as a platform for the publication of high-quality articles covering a wider field than the usual specialist journals, thus attracting students and research scientists globally. Together with top-level scientific articles, Progress in Earth and Planetary Science aims to publish excellent review articles recommended by active scientists and to help young researchers and those new in the field to learn about the latest topics in earth and planetary science. The journal also welcomes articles with additional files to enrich the content, including videos, animations, and large original data files.
planetary sciences; atmospheric sciences; human geosciences; solid earth sciences; biogeosciences;


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