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3D Printing of Pharmaceuticals and Drug Delivery Devices

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digital pharmacy; fused deposition modeling 3D printing; modified drug release; personalized medicines; telemedicine; three dimensional printing; additive manufacturing; 3D printed drug products; printlets; personalised medicines; personalized pharmaceuticals; multiple units; spheroids; beads; acetaminophen; 3D printing; fused filament fabrication; lignin; antioxidant materials; wound dressing; modified release; filament extrusion; fused layer modeling; theophylline; high API load; three-dimensional printing; fixed-dose combinations; tablets; multiple-layer dosage forms; stereolithography; vat polymerisation; fused deposition modeling; polylactic acid; chemical modification; MTT assay; biofilm formation; warfarin; semisolid extrusion 3D printing; inkjet printing; orodispersible film; oral powder; pediatric; hospital pharmacy; personalized medicine; on-demand manufacturing; drug delivery; micromedicine; drug development; micro-swimmer; micro-implant; oral dosages; microneedle; high-precision targeting; controlled release; geometry; resolution; feature size; release profile; vascularization; digital light processing technology; neural networks; optimization; prediction; FMD; pregabalin; gastric floating; complex structures; patient-specific; structural design; gums; Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing; processing parameters; pharmaceutical quality control; hot-melt extrusion; solid dosage forms; 3D printed oral dosage forms; sustained drug release tablets; photopolymerization; paracetamol (acetaminophen); aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid); amorphous solid dispersion; poor solubility; fixed dose combination; stencil printing; pharmacoprinting; orodispersible discs; orodisperible films; floating systems; pulsatile release; chronotherapeutic delivery; wound-healing; 3D bio-printing; pectin; propolis; cyclodextrin; 3D bio-inks; fused deposition modelling; extrusion; vaginal meshes; mechanical properties; drug release; anti-infective devices; pelvic organ prolapse; stress urinary incontinence; gastro-retentive floating system; dissolution kinetics; implantable devices; subcutaneous; biodegradable; prolonged drug delivery; polymers; pharmaceuticals; extrusion-based 3D printing; fused deposition modeling (FDM); pressure-assisted microsyringe (PAM); materials; process; 3D bioprinting; polymeric ink; pseudo-bone; implantable scaffold; computer-aided design (CAD) design; bioprinting; computer-aided design (CAD); pharmaceutics

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